Lambre Australia

Perfume LAMBRE № 3 Oriental-Flower


Bright and sensual fragrance for women who know their worth. Cheerful, energetic composition feels expensive and meaningful, as it should be in true French perfumes.

The main motive of the impressive perfume symphony is chic and luxury. From the first chords, the floral oriental bouquet is breathtaking. The sensual notes of grapefruit, bergamot and black currant are complemented by the enchanting freshness of apple and orange flower. Then the tempting jasmine and a mixture of seduction from vanilla, musk and cedar wood echoes come into play.

Smell for a real "woman worth a million" capable of captivating, seducing and driving crazy. Behind the fragility and grace of its owner, there is a storm of passion and a sultry temperament.

Do not deny yourself the pleasure to try the magic perfume melody!

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