Lambre Australia

Perfume LAMBRE № 30 Flower-Fruit


The voiced and juicy fragrance that makes you fall in love with it with the first breath. Opening on the skin, it paints colourful pictures of a summer garden filled with floral fragrance. The unpredictable and noble composition is associated with the ease, youth and cheerful energy. 

Just a few drops of the fragrance Lambre number 30 - and even the strictest everyday look will acquire a seductive charm. Delicate, unforgettable perfumery bouquet with notes of pink pepper, iris, jasmine and patchouli. Leaves a train filled with chords of magical vetiver and sensual musk.

With this romantic perfume you want to wear beautiful dresses, stylish heels, smile coquettishly and catch admiring men's looks. Treat yourself to the unique aroma of a beautiful woman and remain irresistible!

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