Lambre Australia

Perfume LAMBRE № 8 Chypre


Elegant perfumery composition for a fashionable and stylish modern woman. It personifies the beauty and impeccable taste, emphasises the grace and versatility of the nature of its owner. 

To make the day successful and positive, set the tone with a few drops of the exquisite aroma of Lambre № 8. It combines noble brevity and unobtrusive exotic notes in the spirit of chic and outrageous. At the same time, there is absolutely no sharpness, only refined luxury.

The initial chords create a mysterious aura with bitter orange, slightly tart black currant and exhilarating bergamot. Heart notes fascinate with the fragrance of roses, in a combination with lily of the valley, jasmine and ripe plum. In the woody trail recognisable shades of cedar, musk and delicious amber with soulful vanilla.

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