Lambre Australia

Ultra Hyaluronic eye cream

The anti-wrinkle smoothing eye cream has been created to take special care of the delicate skin in the eye area and quickly improve its look and comfort. The cream brings fast effects thanks to the active substance it contains: Signal-10 and Hyaluronic Filling Spheres. They have exceptional properties for moisturising and ultra-fast levelling of wrinkles in the
delicate eye area skin. Regular application of the eye cream will give your skin optimal supplementation of hyaluronic acid deficiencies.
  • refills wrinkles around the eyes; 
  • improves firmness of the skin; 
  • prevents water loss through the epidermis; 
  • reduces bags and shadows under the eyes. 
  • Tsubaki Oil 
  • Phytosqualan
  • Tegosoft DC
  • Hyaluronic Filling Spheres
  • Signal-10


Apply in the morning and evening on lower and upper eyelid. It can be used under eye make-up. Do not apply cream into conjunnctival bag.

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