Lambre Australia

Antiredness Capillary Rebuild Cream with SPF 15, Antiredness Line


Reinforcing cream for everyday face care, dedicated to vascular, over-sensitive skin prone to redness.  Rich formula based on the innovative ingredient REDYLESS ® strengthens blood vessels, reduces redness and counteracts the adverse impact of external factors. System of UVA/UVB SPF 15 filters helps to protect skin against harmful UV radiation and the green pigment covers redness and evens skin tone. Used regularly, the cream provides skin with a feeling of comfort, moisture and nutrition.

Active ingredients:

  • Redyless®
  • Polyplant Anti-couperosis
  • rose oil
  • squalane
  • vitamin complex A,E,F
  • pigment Ronaflair® Balance Green


  • strengthens and seals fragile blood vessels
  • effectively prevents bursting and the formation of new "spider veins"
  • soothes irritations, reduces skin redness
  • optimally moisturises and intensively regenerates the skin
  • „spider veins” and redness become less visible

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