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Bionanocellulose face mask DNA-NA+


The innovative bionanocelulose facial mask has been created on the basis of the advanced 3D structure biotechnology. This is why it creates a perfect layer – the SECOND SKIN – on our skin, making it possible for all the active ingredients to penetrate it in an excellent way. Fibers impregnated with an activator, consisting of carefully selected active ingredients. The innovative fibre structure ensures maximum absorption of the substances, which improves hydration, smoothing and regeneration.

The organic bionanocelulose fabric is obtained by the fermentation process of Gluconacetobacter xylinus E25  bacteria strain. The material is natural, non-toxic, non-sensitizing and non-allergenic.  It is distinguished by its tri-dimensional structure enabling high penetrability of liquids and gases and ability to withhold microbes. Thanks to the right connection of cellulose nanofibers, the material is flexible, robust and resistant to stretching. It fits in to the facial shape and adheres to it perfectly.


  • significant improvement in skin density;
  • immediately filled and wrinkled wrinkles;
  • immediate lifting effect;
  • apparent improvement in firmness and elasticity;
  • visible effect of rejuvenation;
  • skin moisturised, full of radiance;
  • cooling effect.


  • ACTIVE BIOGLUCOPOLYMER – red macro algae + Tara tree  - a biomimetic, natural active ingredient with filmmaking properties, created with the use of the innovative, patented IBPN® technology. The network of natural biopolymers penetrating one another formulates a very thin yet resistant and flexible film which does not cause occlusion. It creates the second skin, imitating its properties and protective functions. It demonstrates anti-aging properties.
  • DNA -Na - a sodium salt of deoxyribonucleic acid. New functional component delivers a unique anti-aging effect to your skin and fights wrinkles. Effective stimulant of the skin recovery processes. Restores the structure of the epidermis, largely reducing existing wrinkles and preventing the appearance of new.


Thoroughly clean the face before application. The mask is composed of three layers, two outer and inner protective layer competent. Removing mask from the packaging, peel off one lay- er, then apply bionanocellulose patch on the face. Remove the outer protective layer and carefully put patch on the face. Leave the patch on approximately 30-40 minutes. After removing the mask, massage the remaining liquid.

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