Lambre Australia

Moisturising pearl tonic


Delicate, non-alcoholic tonic is an indispensable element of effective, comprehensive care for dry and mature skin. Moisturising and nourishing pearl complex present in Pearl Tonic, enriched by vitamins, will make the skin firmer, bring back its natural pH level and supplement nutrients necessary for complexion that is susceptible to wrinking and drying. It protects and moisturises. It improves absorption of beneficial cream ingredients. A perfect addition to everyday care.


  • cleans, refreshes and gives the skin a healthy glow and nice color;
  • thanks to specially selected active ingredients tonic smoothes fine lines, while providing anti-inflammatory effect;
  • it accelerates the regeneration of skin tissue;
  • it improves the appearance of the skin, reduces the feeling of fatigue skin.


  • Vitamin Complex LA


Moisture cotton pad with tonic and gently massage face and neck.

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