Lambre Australia

Perfume LAMBRE № 7 Floral-Powdery


The refined mix of freshness, romance and seductive floral notes. Believe me, men are crazy about it too. The noble addition of the image, which will emphasise the style of a beautiful lady, will help her to maintain harmony and express refined sensuality.

A bright thread of a multifaceted composition is the interlacing of water lily, fragrant white peach, and mysterious Nephelium. The ornate “hearty” shades of iris, freesia, languid violet and chamomile are gradually increasing. In the train lies a fragrant trio of sandalwood, vetiver and vanilla.

Delicate and memorable floral-powdery melody is suitable for warm summer days, and for a cool season. Put only a few drops on your wrist and make sure that the smell has amazing magic. Let this perfume decorate your day with unforgettable touches!

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