Lambre Australia

Serum DNA-SHOT Ultra Lift


The dream of natural lifting without surgical intervention has come true. The innovative Dna-Shot Ultra Lift formula has a lifting complex based on algae and soluble wheat proteins, which ensures immediate smoothing effect. Its ingredients diminish fine wrinkles incredibly effectively, reducing their depth caused by muscle contractions by up to 47%, and moisturise the skin. The product is perfect under make-up, giving a brightening effect. The potion brings back young look to the skin immediately. The effects are better than you could ever dream of. A wonderful potion.

  • effectively restores mature skin;
  • immediately after application improves the elasticity of the skin, creating a lifting effect;
  • has a powerful effect on wrinkles by reducing their depth and visibility;
  • intensely moisturises and smoothes;
  • improves the shape of the face;
  • It has a relaxing effect;
  • restores luster and freshness to the skin;
  • creates a rejuvenating effect, improving the appearance of skin;
  • gives incredible glow to makeup and let it stay for longer. 


  • MOIST 24
  • Argireline®&Leuphasyl®
  • Skin tiqhtener ST


Apply every day and night on cleansed face and neck skin for the best possible penetration into the skin and enhance the cosmetics effect. 

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