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ZEN Supreme Correction Day Cream, SPF 15, 50 ml


This is a technologically advanced formula, basing on plant stem cells that boost the natural processes of skin regeneration and stimulation of new cells. The epidermis becomes tight and elastic again.  It is excellent in making the skin firmer and restoring the youthful facial contours; it makes the complexion maximally smoother and rejuvenated, reducing visible wrinkles and furrows. It has an intensive and long-lasting moisturising effect, retaining water in the deepest layers of the epidermis. The sun protection filter (SPF 15) protects skin cells against the harmful influence of UV radiation which is one of the main causes of pre-mature ageing.

Active ingredients:

  • Red rice stem cells – ReGeniStem Red Rice™
  • Lotus flower water
  • Tsubaki oil
  • Argireline®
  • Leuphasyl®
  • Phytoskwalan®
  • Shea butter


  • Effectively reduce wrinkles;
  • Makes skin more moisturising and smoothing;
  • Makes skin firmer and more flexible.


Apply daily in the morning. Gently massage into the face, neck and décolleté. The cream is ideal for use under make-up.

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