Lambre Australia

Perfume LAMBRE № 23 Flower-Citrus


Meet the exquisite fragrance, a floral-citrus luxury with the most delicate tints! With this delicious scent, any female image will acquire a special elegance.

The sound of perfume subtle and concise. It flows in gentle waves of fresh lime and grapefruit, captivates with velvet chords of fragrant peony, freesia and rose petals. Unforgettable symphony harmoniously envelops the train with hints of cedar, amber and Santana.

Perfume or Eau de Perfume Lambre number 23 is an excellent choice if you want to buy a universal fragrance. It sounds great at any time of the year. Suitable for an independent business lady. Will give a feeling of freedom and self-confidence, fill with joy and highlight the attractiveness.

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