Lambre Company was found in 1999 and, from the start, the founder has concentrated on producing the best quality cosmetics at reasonable prices.


The founder and the inspirer of the LAMBRE® company is its owner Peter Mongird. The story of his life is the best example of the fact that even the biggest dreams can come true if to put a sincere faith and passion in it. The business which has grown from the honest intention of sharing, has now become the most beautiful inspiration for thousands of people around the world. The owner’s story shows that the knowledge gained in various fields of life can be transferred to a real and lasting success. All his experience among other things, as a maritime trading officer, banker, chain companies consultant, Peter Mongird invested in the project of his life. Now it is also a project of the lives of many other people who from being visionaries have become the main beneficiaries of their big dreams.


In the origins of every company that achieved success and became an inspiration for others is always the same feeling that is born in the heart of the company’s founder.

That feeling has great power, which kindles fire of idea and gives it power to become reality. The same way passion and love are born – and they are the essential to LAMBRE brand.

Many years ago fate brought young officer of navy from his motherland Poland to the south of France. There, in the suburbs of Marseille, that young man had fallen madly in love. He fell in love with scents of the sea, vineyards, aromas of grasses and soil warmed by the sun of Provence. Before the vessel’s departure he decided to go for a last stroll along the seaside. Suddenly under his feet strange stone mesmerized. He lift it up and when he was looking at it with curiosity he smelled subtle aroma of cloves. He had no doubts: only one kind of a gem smells like this – amber. How a gemstone from cold Baltic Sea got here to warm France? No one can tell. But some higher plan was visible in all of this. Amber was part of a puzzle, which now connected and induced amazing feeling in the officer’s heart.

That gem, those colors and scents of this beautiful country reminded him of a long forgotten dream that used to seem to be something unreal “to keep fading beauty and give it to all people”. Officer was leaving his beloved land with astrong wish for changes in his life. And truly it was the beginning of many wonderful changes, not only for him, but for thousands of people all over the world.

Time passed, and former navy officer opened a company with "amber" name LAMBRE. The moment of revelation, a sense that he felt while on the beach in Marseille, currently fills in every part of this company.

This positive energy fills not only all company’s products, but also the style in which the company operates, its culture and working relationships with partners around the world. People subcutaneously feel sincere intentions behind this business. That's why so many of our partners can confidently recommend our products. The company founded by Peter Mongird became well known cosmetic brand, available in 22 countries around the world. This story shows that it is necessary to have a dreams, and no less importantly - to realize them. Beautiful story? The story of beauty. Each of us can be a part of it. It can also be a success story of your life.