Lambre Australia

Protective cream for body and face SPF30


Contains a highly effective UVA and UVB filter system that creates a protective layer on the skin to protect it from sunlight. It provides a wide range of protection against sun exposure, skin discoloration and skin photoaging. Special, nourishing formula with unique properties Hest G-18-O moisturizes and gently greases the skin, vitamin E and shea butter provide intense smoothing and regeneration. 


  • wide range of protection against sun radiation;
  • prevents formation of discoloration;
  • protects against skin photoaging;
  • improves skin elasticity;
  • intensive smooths and regenerates skin.


  • Hest
  • Vitamin E
  • Shea Butter
  • Alanton
  • Glicerin


Before sun exposure, apply face cream evenly, avoiding the eye area and on parts of the body exposed to sunlight. Repeat every two hours and after each bath, after wiping with a towel, swimming or sweating. 

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